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In line with TETRA Environment policies , we put strong emphasis on our health and environmental responsibilities and have a solid record of continuous improvement in all areas of our environmental respect programme performance. We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that we continue to meet or exceed health and environmental legal requirements. Tetra is also acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities, and substantial investment has been made in our plant and production facilities and we will continue to do so. Environmental performance indicators show significant decreases in the Company’s environmental burden in all areas energy consumption; emissions to air; water usage; hazardous waste; and non-hazardous waste. Our objective is to keep driving down these environmental indicators, year on year.

We believe that our  understanding , recognising  and believing in the binding term has made our organization the major players in the market. E believe that the secret of the life is binding to something. And the way of binding is unlimited. We , as TETRAKIMYA , are binded to chemistry with technology , innovation , and human.



  • TETRA Yapıştırıcıları , Ambalaj 2015 de

    Ambalaj Ve Matbaa Sektörleri için geliştirmiş olduğumuz ürünlerimizi daha yakından tanıtmak amacı ile , Ambalaj 2015 de yerimiz hazırdır. Tüm sektör çalışnlarını ve yöneticilerini standımıza bekleriz..

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